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In the bathroom getting dressed Aaliyah doesnt notice her son masturbating outside the door. He runs back to his room so she doesnt notice him. But Aaliyah thinks she saw him… did he need something? She goes to his room to check on him only to find him masturbating while calling out her name. What is she going to do? The next day she doesnt leave while he masturbates. Sitting on her knees she slowly wraps her lips around him. Is this what he wanted? Moving her head back and forth she gives him a slow blowjob. She’s so unsure of herself but he doesnt tell her to stop so she keeps sucking him. He cums in her mouth and she drinks him down. Did that just happen! They both think. The next day at breakfast and Aaliyah strips off her top. She gets down and sucks on him. I have a confession. She tells him. I saw you the other night, and I hope this fulfills your fantasy He can’t believe it. Mom can I cum on your face he asks her. He jerks his cock as his mom smiles up at him catching his big blast all over her. She drinks the rest down Oh son, thank you she moans. Wenona is one of the hottest women ever to be filmed, but you haven’t seen her until you watch her tease a cock. Her slow jerking and sucking, with skills that can only be described as masterful. She brings you to the edge holds you. Delighting at making you explode like the breaking of a stretched rubberband, licking and sucking all your cum. Aaliyah is so fucking horny and having her youngest son in the house rekindles all her fantasies about him. She decides to finally make it happen between them like she always dreamed about. With some shots in her hand she puts on her sluttiest lingerie and walks into the living room. When he asks why she’s wearing the blue nighty she responds. You should enjoy your mother’s body. Not every mother looks like this and gives him his drink. He’s weirded out and pushes his mom away, as Aaliyah starts touching him. Oh honey don’t fight it. You know you want your mommie She tells him. We can’t be doing this. He responds to her as she brings his hand to her breasts. He feels her tight motherly body and jolts of electricity run through him. He shouldn’t be touching his mom’s pussy, he shouldn’t be licking her and making his mom scream. Look how big it is She tells him, bending over and sucking on her son’s dick. He fingers her as she sucks his cock rock hard in her mouth. She straddles on top of him and lets go any hesitation as she fucks her youngest son silly. You make your mommie cum She tells him. He fucks her on the couch her body being ravaged by him as she screams and moans to him I’ve never cum this much! Fuck your mommie. I want to taste it! I want to taste that cum She gets on top of him and sucks. Cum for your mommie. You’re so close she tells him as she jerks and sucks his cock. Without warning he shoots cum like a geyser two feet into the air, showering his mom in hot cum. So yummy She kisses his cock.