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Hard Stuff 1

In this video, you will see Robin in an intense Hot Wax Scene, Not only Hot wax, there’s also a very intense nipple stretching scene with the Japanese clover clamps.

Savannah’s tits are tied and ready to pop. Savannah likes to play with herself when she is masturbating with her dildo’s. She gets turned on so much, that well, something happens in the shower.

And then there is Carry, tip toeing because she is being pulled up by her tits. And, Susan, now paying the price for masturbating alone.

A great collection of bondage and masturbation scenes.

This girl is so unbelievable H O T and submissive like you never seen before !!!!!

In this tape, you will see Jade receiving nipple treatments. .

You’ll see her nipples pulled and you’ll hear her moan when the hot candles drip their wax on her tits.

You’ll see and hear her getting off when her clit is masturbated while heavy duty steel clamps are attached to her cunt lips. You’ll hear her moan through her dental gag and you’ll see her drool wetting her tits, and you’ll hear her scream when she has to shake of the weights that are attached to her nipples.

A great and MUST SEE video when you love to see a REAL submissive painslut in action !!

All the action in this tape was done with full consent of Celine, who actually requested us to help her live her little ultimate bizarre fantasy. All action in this video was discussed and all actions, scenes and ideas came from her own perverted mind.

Why ?? because she can’t get off without mascochistic action. Understand that Celine is a absolute painslut who needs this for her own sexual satisfaction.

In this film, you will see how a her Master lends her off. He inspects her virginity, pays 20 bucks for her and drags her inside where the fun starts. Her blouse is open and her nipples get clamped, sucked, hot waxed and she receives tit bondage. Suction is applied to her clit and nipples and her ass gets cropped, hear her voice break as she is required to count the amount of hits her ass gets to endure. The next day the darker part of her fantasy comes true.
Why is this one called Hard Stuff ? Well, because it is all R E A L Hard BDSM action.

This video is all about JayLynn. A hardcore painslut who is only interested in sex, dildos, the bigger the better. Because without the added sensation of pain she can’t get off.

You will see JayLynn masturbating with different size dildos, there is very tight tit bondage and harsh and hard nipple clamping on her already pulled tight nipple skin, then the action gets a bit harder.

You will also enjoy an Steamy Hot Blowjob and Fuck scenes with her boyfriend Master.

Dildo fucking, Hard BDSM and Steamy Erotic Suck and Fuck scenes .
Featuring Lacey in extremely HOT wax and tit stretching- training sessions.

Lacey was brought over for a weekend for of dicipline. She had been kinda nasty to her Master husband and he thought that some dicipline would do her good. However, we soon found out that Lacey was the most willing and horny slave around. She enjoyed every single minute a little to much.

She is being disciplined while her tits are stretched out to the max, pulling a FULL bucket of water. She is splashed with cold water, and then the wax scenes start.

Waxing is continued while she receives…well, see that for yourself. Also, masturbation and fucking with a dildo mounted on a powertool. Then some short needle shots.
The Suck and Fuck Files

Watch neighbourhood girls satisfy their Masters.
This is a collection of scenes where girls suck and fuck. These were filmed after punishments and BDSM play at the point where the pain ends and servitude begins.
All these girls are very submissive and eager to please their Masters. And that is just what they do.
Watch the video and let them please you to !
The bondage is this video is very light, some bound tits, that’s all 🙂
But !!!! The action is HOT HOT HOT.
You’ll see Shyanne getting her titties treated in a way you cannot imagine a person could take this treatment, unless…you are a complete pain slut. Clamps, and tiptoeing because she is being pulled by her bound titties, and all that, while nipple clamps and weights are hanging from her nipples.

You’ll see Sarah getting the whip and her tiny tits are getting it hard.

You’ll see Crystel on the cross with heavy weights hanging on her nipples, clamped on with clover clamps.

You’ll see Shyanne tied up and doing something she shouldn’t from pure pleasure and you’ll see Sarah masturbating herself silly. You will even see Sarah playing her nipples with a cigarette.

And there’s more action with dildo’s and other stuffffff.

Now, THAT is why we called them NASTY !!

A sequence of scenes with different girls, containing Hardcore Bondage, Masturbation and BDSM.

See Bondage Queen Stacy Burke in action as a true submissive, going a little further the she usually does, Why ?? because she was totally into this. Big tit clamps crushing and squashing her tits, and holding a candle in her mouth, she has no choice then to wax her own tightly tied tits, let the red hot wax drip all over them.

Watch Jennifer and hear her moan as the weighted pussy clamps stretch her lips to the maximum, the action gets even better when she has to swing the weights around.

Karin is waxing her own bound tits and gets a inflatable dildo in her pussy. Pumped up, it stretches her and fills her up completely and beyong belief.

And then there’s Kim, swinging the heavy weights that are dangling from the clover clamps clamped on to her cuntlips AND nipples.

This is true Bondage with a Sadistic twitch.
Master Jacob took her to the barn because she needed punishment. He doesn’t like stubborn house wives, so this became her ordeal that day.

Veronica’s tits are bound and strung to the rafters, forcing her up on tip toe. She recieves nipple clamps and weights are hung from her hurting nipples.

Then she was placed in the T-chair 🙂 Electrodes from a old fencer were attached to her nipple piercings and when jolts of electric current hit the piercings.

Hot wax covers her tits and her tits are pressed on to a board . Her tits and nipples squeezed with heavy farm pliers, then he removes the wax from her tits. When he feels she’s got enough, he fucks his little slut and get’s off in her face with a nice blow job.

True Hardcore Amateur BDSM
Raven likes to be dominated from time to time, but…..she also likes to turn the page around, and brother beware if she gets you in her claws, or should we say under her whips 🙂

Raven endured and enjoyed nipple clamps, whipping and flogging, cropping, play piercings and…oh yeah…… let’s not forget the sparklers !!

In this video, you will see steamy hot sex scenes, hard fucking and a superb blowjob, to the point where he blows it smack in her face.

Raven masturbated her slave as reward, gives him a superior blowjob but denies him a orgasm. She let’s him fuck her in different positions and allows him to fuck her with a dildo. Then she makes him eat pussy, something she enjoys a little tooo much 🙂

Other then the sex, there’s whipping, femdom, nipple clamps and vibrators, and all that with this gorgeous creature named Raven.

Gorgeous Natalie was about to get married that day. She stayed in her room and put on her makeup, dressed in her wedding dress and then her soon to be hubby came in. She was kinda edgy, getting cold feet because she had dark desires. They played a littlebit and he gagged her, clamped her nipples, but he did not satisfy her. Then he left. She got cold feet about her wedding and she ran away. He went after her on his bike and he caught her. Took her to a old shack and tied her up.

He tied her to the cross and whipped her gorgeous body. He made her ride a dildo, clamped her nipples, put her on a medieval stretch bench and gave her a extremely sensual and erotic wax job in the chair. He whipped and cropped the wax from her tits and body and he played her into submission.

We really don’t know if they lived happely ever after 🙂
True, the storyline sucks, but the action and Natalies gorgeous body and natural submissive attitide greatly make up for that.

Featuring Elle St Clair and Juliana Sterling. The girls were cruising down the country roads in the middle of nowhere. Then they had a little car trouble and they stopped by an old shack. They heard noise comming out of there so they figured they would knock on the door and ask for help. Yeah Right ! Help is what they got. Vibrating nipple clamps and when this old farmer boy called his wife to tell her that there was a gal with something extra, the fun really started.

Elle received the whip, rat traps on balls, clamps on nipples and a hotwax treatment while girlfriend Juliana was tied up in a chair, forced to watch. Then it was Juliana’s turn.
Stacy Burke living her fantasies in a old barn, her master tied her up, tied her tits, teased her with a whip and cop, clamped her nipples with clothespins and played with suction cups. When he got tired, he just trew her in the dirt, and she layed there till she could finally make her escape.
Stacy Burke likes to peep into windows, Specially the one from her neighbour. She had heard moaning from his house and she got very curious what was going on there late at night. Unfortunately for her, he was at home..

A lot of teasing with whip and crop, electro shocks trough her nipples, he pours a gallon of hot wax over her tits and you GOTTA see the masturbation she has to perform before he lets her go.

Slave T has been disrespectful to her master and he decided to take her over for the weekend to receive some attitude adjustment therapy.

Teasing with crop and see her body turning red when she receives punishtme. Breast bondage and nipple clamps and at the end burning candles are stuck in her tits.

T is a very orgasmic slave and she had several real orgasms when we filmed this.

Enjoy the training of a REAL slave.

Sometimes I want the boys to play with me,
but sometimes, I like to play with boys.

These were Kelly’s words, and this video prooves that she means it. You will see her gorgeous tits getting bound, till they are realy popping like big ripe melons, she is playing with her clit and a clothespin, see her nipples getting clamped with weighted clamps, and see how she’s getting teased with a crop and whip, but then……….

It totally turns around and SHE is having fun with a guy. First she beats the S** out of him and then she almost jerks his cock from his body, she rides him like a horse and beats this poor guy again.

This is a great video with alltime sex kitten Kelly O’Dell.
A compilation of scenes featuring gorgeous girls in bondage. They are getting tied up and spanked until
their bums start turning red.
In this video, you will see sexy Shay tied up and
struggling to get loose. No chance of that with
the way she is tied up !

The second scene shows here tied up in front of ther frig and freezer. Her Master put her in that position to cool her Hot ass and body off a littlebit. Syrup is sqeezed on her`tits and she licks it all off. See her drooling trough that mouth gag.

The third scene shows you how her sexy ass gets spanked after she gets caught putting graffitti on the wall.